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DLF The Magnolia
Beds: 4 Bath: 4 6400

Golf Course Road


The Magnolias

Balcony View

Do The Magnolias have sufficient open spaces?

Yes, this luxury property by DLF features 70% open and wide spaces. This ensures that your family and you get ample space and can find joy in nature.

Are there any good hospitals in DLF The Magnolias neighbourhood?

Yes, there are many good hospitals around such Luxury high rise apartments, they are – 
Paras Hospital Gurgaon
Arihant Hospital  
Sitaram Bhartia

What are the various sizes of apartments for rent in Magnolias?

This luxury apartment for rent in Gurgaon offers 4 BHK and 5 BHK Luxury apartments in sizes – 

4 BHK Apartment for rent 6350 – 6400 sq. ft.
5 BHK Apartment for rent 5825 – 10777 sq. ft.

Is it better to rent an apartment at DLF The Magnolias or should I buy one?

There are several parameters before making a decision like this, you need to keep in mind your budget, preferences, amenities, location advantages and comfort of your loved ones. 

You should be looking to rent if you want to experience opulence without having to commit to the house, or if you are continuously changing cities due to work.

You could look to buy the flat if you have the necessary funds and are going to stay in the same city or choose this flat from the Top 10 Luxury Apartments in Gurgaon. You may also want to buy the apartment as an investment or if you want to put it on lease.

Is making an investment in The Magnolias a good option?

Certainly, this luxury flat has seen a major appreciation in the past few years, and 35% in the past one year itself and it will only be going up so It might not be too late to invest yet.

Is this one of the Most expensive flats in Gurgaon?

This luxury apartment is one of the most expensive apartments in Gurgaon and price ranges from
33 – 61 Crores approximately. DLF The Magnolias being this expensive has its reasons, the amenities and the lifestyle you will receive here is unmatched and Top Notch. These are a select few for the likes of you.

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